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Jul. 11th, 2017

petzi the librarian by eyesthatslay


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True Blood: Rutina Wesley pens touching tribute to friend and co-star Nelsan Ellis

Tim Stack@EWTimStack

The sudden death of True Blood star Nelsan Ellis is still hard to fathom. The 39-year-old actor passed away over the weekend and his Blood castmates have been paying tribute to him via social media.

Ellis was perhaps closest to his co-star Rutina Wesley, who played Lafayette’s cousin Tara.
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Jul. 8th, 2017

petzi the librarian by eyesthatslay


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‘True Blood’ Star Nelsan Ellis Dead at 39

Nelsan Ellis, best known for his role as Lafayette Reynolds on HBO’s True Blood, has died. He was 39.
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Aug. 16th, 2016

petzi the librarian by eyesthatslay


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True Blood's Anna Paquin to Star in Netflix Miniseries Alias Grace

by Liam Mathews

Anna Paquin has been cast in Alias Grace, an upcoming miniseries co-produced by Netflix and the Canadian Broadcasting Company and based on a historical novel by Margaret Atwood, the streaming service announced Tuesday.
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Jul. 30th, 2016

tv buff by eyesthatslay


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HBO Orders New Family Drama from True Blood Creator

by Megan Vick

Six Feet Under and True Blood creator Alan Ball will launch another drama on HBO next year.

Ball's new untitled, multi-racial family drama has been picked up straight to series at the premium cable network. The show centers on a philosophy professor, his lawyer wife, their biological child and their three adopted children from Somalia, Vietnam and Colombia.

The seemingly perfect portrait of a modern American family starts to show some cracks though when one of their children begins seeing things that no one else can see. HBO describes the series as a "tragicomic meditation on the complicated forces at work on us all in America today."
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Jul. 27th, 2016

petzi the librarian by eyesthatslay


(no subject)

Elementary: True Blood star to play Sherlock canon character

by Natalie Abrams • @NatalieAbrams

True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis has booked a multi-episode arc on Elementary as a character from the Sherlock Holmes canon, EW has learned.
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Dec. 19th, 2015

❝ black hair ❞


(no subject)

Hi! It's me again and new layout! I think could someone very nice person make me a simple 956xsomething header about Sookie/Eric and matches with this http://revolumna.url.ph/layouts/live/006.html. Only wish is that it include my username, sarliina@livejournal.com and text "we could leave the world behind". I wish that if someone can make this soon :)

Jun. 28th, 2015

True Blood - Eric *.*



t e a s e r s
[001-071] True Blood: Season 7
[072-105] The Avengers
[106-122] The Avengers: Age of Ultron
[123-134] Captain America: The Winter Soldier
[135-162] Captain America: The First Avenger
[163-186] Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 1/Season 2
[187-191] Thor: The Dark World

all icons HERE at taras_song

May. 7th, 2015

The Winter Soldier: Captain America


9 icons

001-036 Black Sails (some of them are NSFW!!!)
037-053 Daredevil
054-062 True Blood

Here at iwillnotdance

Apr. 10th, 2015

S6 - Sookie


133 True Blood Icons | 6x10 Radioactive

133 True Blood Icons
6x10 Radioactive

 photo 6x10icon24.png photo 6x10icon87.png photo 6x10icon131.png

Sookie! Im actually fucking happy to see you! @ truebloodv3

Jan. 19th, 2015

S6 - Pam


111 True Blood Icons | 6x09 Life Matters

111 True Blood Icons
6x09 Life Matters

 photo 6x09icon8.png photo 6x09icon10.png photo 6x09icon102.png

You're free. Go forth & kill the humans. @ truebloodv3

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